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Sculptures by the Sea.
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                           My name is Graeme j Howie, I live in Perth, Western Australia  ,for me photography started off as a hobby but has now turned into a Passion and now a business.      

                           Digital cameras have changed people’s perspective of photography and made it more affordable to the average person , now everyone has a snapamatic ,DSLR digital camera or a phone camera. People now take as many images as they want ,compared  with film where you would take only 1 or 2 shots .You can buy a compact camera from $ 100 ,these will give you a reasonable result ,if you want a better result, well you pay a bit more .Then if you want to get serious I guess you go and buy a DSLR  which can cost heaps ,depending on your Passion or what you  want out of your camera ,the more you want the more you pay . When buying your Digital camera make sure you get a spare(Genuine) Battery/s and a good size memory card (min 8 GB).

                               Then there are many software programs that are available to edit images , you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars ,it depends on the result that you want , there are some that are free , and they work really well , GIMP software is one of them . Like most software you just need to spend a bit of time to work them out and work with some images ,or it helps if you can buy a book or go to the library and borrow a book , DVD’S or tutorials or download a manual. Digital cameras and film cameras have the same basic operating principles, on some point and shoot cameras you can only adjust some of the program where as on a more up market Digital camera you can use it in a full manual mode, adjust speed, ISO, white balance and much more, so it’s just a matter of using your old film cameras settings on your digital.

                              Sometimes when you  look at a taking a photo of a sunset / sunrise ,action shot , or some other subject that is stunning or special ,the hardest thing is to capture the moment ,because in the long run when you sit down and think about what your viewing ,that remains in your memory for a long while , but when you view the image you’ve taken it brings back memories and puts a smile on your dial !


If you would like to try "The Gimp" free software , just follow the Link.

About Me.

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