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Grey Camera's.

                                 When buying a Digital camera online,if your buying from an Australian company(someone that has a Store / Shop in the country and not just an "au" address !!) make sure that the camera is covered buy Australian warranty and not an International warranty.


                                  It's tempting to buy because you can save hundreds of dollars , but you need to weigh up what's best if you purchase a camera from an online shop in Malayasia / Indonesia or China ,there are some reputable online operators and there are some Dodgy ones,you should check up on the online store before dealing with them , you can go to a website called  www.scam.com  or just do a google type search of the web address and see what comes up .Always check to make sure that you get a local warranty(if not it's worth considering buying an Extended warranty).


                               Generally if you have a problem with your purchase and try to report it to the Dept of Fair trading of that country ,it will fall on Deaf ears as there's so much fraud going on !!.It will cost more to buy local in Australia , but at least if there's a problem you will get it fixed under an Australian warranty.       

                               A Grey camera is a camera that has two different serial numbers or only the internal serial number (this can be viewed in the Excif data when you open an image in your software (the Internal serial number is embeded in your image ,normally to view the Excif data ,right click the Image , click info / properties and it will show the camera serial number.

                              A Grey camera / product will have an International warranty where you will have to send the item back to where it was purchased to make a claim / get it fixed ,and once its there you can't be sure that you'll get it back or it could get damaged in transit and thats when you find out if the dealer is honest or if you get any service.When you email the ASIAN "au" customer support team, if there honest they'll reply otherwise ,some will just keep sending  you replys promising to help ,but nothing happens,you can try to contact the Government to lodge a complaint but don't hold your breathe...

              Just remember that if your not sure about the online store ,just type the address in any search engine and check the results,also check the comments made by previous customers (although some of these are made up by the onlins store),or just go to , www.scam.com